How to shop with Bebe

Okay, so pre-baby shopping was pure pleasure! Absolute bliss! Your biggest worry, was if you’re gonna find that perfect pair of skinny jeans at Forever New, in your size.

ENTER BABY: Now I know why Carrie referred to shopping as her cardio! Just add baby and suddenly you have a full body workout plus an anxiety attack.

But with THESE 4 easy steps shopping WITH baby can once again be pure bliss:

  • Use your pram as your personal rail – this pram from BebeConfort was a best buy! Because of the swivelling wheels, it’s super easy to navigate through busy stores and the lock ensures that your baby is safe when you stop in your tracks for a great find. The push bar is adjustable which make it easy to steer and you can adjust the height if you shop for a maxi dress! The experts say before you buy a pram try to steer it with ONE hand; this pram is easy to steer, so you will have one free hand to pick and choose your favourite items and your own personal (adjustable) rail.
  • Once in the fitting room pop baby in front of the mirror – baby’s love looking at themselves! Just like you sexy mama! It will keep her occupied while you inspect your bum from all angles.
  • For extended try-it-on time – hook 2 hangers into each other. This little brainteaser will keep baby occupied, giving you enough time to try on the whole shop. Who said you need to buy expensive educational toys?
  • Don’t ask for help! The best part of shopping with a baby: you don’t even have to ask for help! Everyone loves a cute baby and will gladly assist; even the grumpiest shop assistant will gladly run back and forth to bring you different sizes. You go girl! Oops I mean baby!

*Bonus: as baby gets older – and is obviously use to Zara and H&M, she will begin to pick out clothes for you – Miss Minki got an fabulous eye and loves helping me pick out pieces).

**According to baby experts, looking at the looking glass (mirror), helps your baby learn to focus, track images and explore the wonderful things a face can do. It also promotes social and emotional development.

Buy this:  Bebeconfort Elea Travel System

Available at: Babycity stores nationwide

Price: About R9000 – R11 000 (prices may vary)

Shopping maths:

Shopping + baby = workout for Mom x learning experience for baby = 1 HAPPY STYLISH Mama!

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