Stylish little people

There’s a common misconception that babies need to dress baby – ish. But I’m not convinced…

I like to dress my baby in clothes that I would wear and you’re definitely not gonna see me in those hideous onesies anytime soon!

In my search for shrunk down versions of adult clothing – I stumbled across Annapatat clothing brand (and right now I’m searching for velvet shorts)!

You will understand soon enough…


The top 3 trends (for grown-ups) this winter:

1. Velvet (Where the catwalk leads, the high street is never far behind, so thank designers like Prada, Koche and Erdem for this luxurious trend)

2. Florals (deemed as the most common print type year in year out)

3. And the must-have accessory = Turbans (just channel your inner princess Jasmine)!

I bet you have one, if not all three of these in your wardrobe. If not, go and get yourself something velvety, floral and put on that turban!

Then scroll down to style your mini-me in these top 3 trends:

Let’s DO Velvet!

These velvet shorts are the star of the show – show it off with these DO’s:

DON’T expect to go by unnoticed in this outfit!

DON’T forget baby’s favourite toy!

DO take it up a notch by pairing it with your fav bomber jacket!

Minki’s wearing:

Velvet shorts from Annapatat, Long sleeve vest from Annapatat, Button down jersey from Pick-a-Pay Clothing, Bomber jacket from Naartjie, Tights from Jet and

Boots from Woolworths

Don’t worry Mama, although baby is the star of the show (and this blog), you can match baby in a stylish way.

Twice as Nice?

Opt for a print or flirty polka dots dress to contrast with baby’s plain outfit.

Mixed prints are the new black!

Wear boots (same as baby)!

Pair with tights!

I’m wearing: Polka dot shirtdress from Zara, Tights and boots from Woolworths

In full bloom…

Winter florals? Absolutely! Florals has stood the test of time. My wardrobe is in full bloom most of the time.

This floral dress from Annapatat makes me so happy!


It’s floral!

Its burgundy (only one of the hottest colours for winter 2017)

The detail (look at that collar)?!

You can wear it winter or summer!

It’s so girly!

If you wanna twin with baby you can dress up…

Or down…

Just mix and match the colours in baby’s floral dress and you’re TWINNING like a Mother!

Minki’s wearing: Floral dress from Annapatat, Tights from Ackermans and Boots from Woolworths

I’m wearing: Red button down shirt and cargo pants from Woolworths, Boots from Rage and Vintage scarf

It’s a Wrap!

I don’t know about you, but if I see one more Anna and Elsa inspired Frozen beanie, I’m going to scream!

A Lot of times you can feel limited in the baby’s section, especially accessory wise. Finally I found a mini adult beanie, better even a turban for little people.

We love it:

It’s soft, stretchy and oh-so-stylish.

It’s got a big bow!

It’s pink!

It’s affordable (only R125)!

It’s infinitely cuter than any other beanie I have ever seen!

Let’s twin!

The only DO here: HAVE FUN!

Minki’s wearing: Turban from Annapatat (Also available in Grey)

I’m wearing: Pom-Pom Beanie from Truworths.

Some days are just for lounging around but that doesn’t have to mean pyjamas. With babies function trumps fashion

but with Annapatat you can have both.

Go on give her some love and follow her on Instagram @annapatat_kids

Love Minki’s look? Start shopping!

Just click here:

Stay Stylish (Mama and little one)! XOXO Helene


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