5 Fab Finds July/August


I’m sure there’s some scientific explanation for what exactly happens in our brain, when we see these 4 red letters.

Here’s what happens in mine: Wow SALE, I can get everything I LOVE at half the price and this way actually SAVE money!! Yay!

Mmm… That’s great but then my clever husband explained it to me and I realised why my bank account is heading in the wrong direction…

So, this month 5 FAB finds is all about REALLY saving you time, saving you money, putting you first

(Just joking ABSA)!

1. Munchkin Cup Holder

NO jokes! This cup holder is truly magical!

We love it because:

It’s super affordable – only R79.90

Kiddo loves the straw!

There’s a magnetic thingy at the bottom which ensures that baby can drink every last drop!

Quick lock!

Available in pretty colours!

Get yours at:

Baby City, Mr Price Home, Babies R Us

2. Apple I Phone Lock

“My mom got this new lock on her phone, which means now I can play my favourite games, without her having to worry!”

Minki loves playing with Mama’s IPhone, I tried using old ones, but like the late Piet Byleveld baby just know it’s NOT the real deal.

After little Miss Byleveld deleted ALL OF my notes, I just couldn’t take it anymore! Then I discovered that you can lock your phone – it’s called Guided Access.

How to Set-up Guided Access (GA)

Open Settings app

Go to General>Accessibility>Guided Access

Enable Guided Access

Set a passcode (just make it 11111)

How to enable guided access:

Open the kids-friendly App you want to lock the device to. (Minki loves Fun phone)

Press the Home button 3 times

Guided Access screen will appear

Tap the Start option (top right corner of the screen)

If kiddo taps the home button it will just say guided access is enabled – meaning she’s locked in!

Give it back baby!

Press the Home button three times again and enter the PIN you provided earlier to leave Guided Access Mode


That’s it:

Whenever you want to enable GA just open the app you want to lock the device and triple click Home button.


Hand over phone to baby and stop worrying!

3. KETUTI Online Marketplace

We all have those I should never have bought this items laying around the house. Why not make some money and SELL IT. Where? On the hottest new baby online store:




It’s so easy:

Load your gently used (once or never loved) products on their site.

Soon your wallet will be bulging AND your house will be more organised.

Check out KETUTI at www.ketuti.co.za

4. Baking Soda

No, I’m not turning into a food blogger!

Minki have a dry scalp and not even the most expensive shampoo could get rid of the flakes.


Do this:

Mix baking soda with glycerine

Wash baby’s hair with this mixture for a week or two.


Result: Beautiful, bouncy, shiny AND healthy hair.

Bonus tip: Try washing your hair with some baking soda – it gets rid of all the residue (hairspray, dry shampoo)…

One wash and your hair will be all soft and healthy again!


“Hair isn’t the most important thing in life, but it’s a good place to start.”

5. All you need is LOVE

This is simple, FREE and true:

Surround yourself with friends and family!

In the end that’s all that really matters.


“I don’t have time to worry about who doesn’t like me. I’m too busy loving the people who love me.”

Stay Stylish (and happy) and call your Mom!



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