Toddler eating habits: a Few golden rules (And products)

So, here I was breastfeeding, against everyone’s expectations, like a (even if I have to say so myself) a pro! I got so good at it

and it was just so easy! No worries about baby not getting enough nutrition, and best of all NO dishes!


 Then life happened, and as you know you can’t stop your children from growing up! Before I could say “milkshake”

my little Mina Moo Milk Lover turned into a little human being, who according to various sources, need a whole lot

of different foods, prepared in a specific way.

Okay, let’s get real. There’s a few things (I think) I’m pretty good at, like shopping and writing, but one of my weak points is definitely food.

Yes, I CANNOT resist a piece of cheesecake BUT more because I just generally prefer to STAY AWAY from the kitchen area.

So, as you can imagine I was pretty terrified when I realized Minki needs more than breastmilk. Flashes of me standing in front of

the dishwasher, washing little bowls and countless spoons flashed through my head.

There’s millions of articles and products out there, so this is just my simple opinion.

These tips and products worked for me!


Start your baby on healthy eating habits early and you may never have a “white food only” kid.


Add texture, flavor and variety

The more texture, flavor and variety you offer to your baby, the more likely you will have a lifelong healthy eater.


This 2 in 1 Placemat and Plate from Kids Emporium saved my life!


It’s a 2 in 1 = placemat and a plate!

It’s got different sections for different textures.

It encourage kiddo to interact with different type of foods.

Perfect for finger-food!

It suctions to the table! No explanation necessary!

Its dishwasher safe, so just pop it in and watch the new episode of American Housewife.

Let baby feed herself

I know, this is a nightmare scenario for most Moms (including me) but

Here’s why:

Baby gets to explore different textures and tastes!

Add to the independent eating habits with this silicone spoon from Kids Emporium


It’s easy and fun to grip!

The gritty handle stimulates little hands!

The gravel like spoon makes it easier to scoop up that first bite

Chewing on the sensory handle feels good in little mouths!

It’s made of hypoallergenic, BPA free silicone which means it’s safe for sensitive baby gums.

Let baby lick her fingers to taste!

Yes, it’s gonna be a Big MEsS,


The only way your little one can learn:

 if you allow them to explore and have fun at the same time!

And you can:

Control the mess – with this super cute napkin from Marcus and Marcus!

Why you need it:

It’s got a XL Crum catcher pocket!

An adjustable latch with big buttons, which make putting it on and off super easy.

It’s super soft!

Once again, it’s dishwasher safe! Yay!

Not too get too technical but did you know?

Which means silicone products might be more expensive but it’s so worth it!

BE a smart Mama and use SILI!

All the products mentioned are available from Kids Emporium Nelspruit

Find them here: Crossings Shopping Centre, Shop 68, Corner of N4 and Madiba Drive

Wanna shop?

Napkin – R239

Placemat and Plate 2-1 – R389

Spoons – R239 (for 2 Spoons)

Give them some love and follow them on Facebook at Kids Emporium Nelspruit!


Contact them at



• Minki is wearing a bunny-dress from Cotton On Kids and her favorite red boots from Woolworths

• She normally eats in her highchair (okay, most of the time).

• NO babies were hurt during this photoshoot.

• My house (and Minki) is clean (for now).

Stay stylish (and informed)


Helene (and Minki)

/ Baby

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