Why are you feeling SO BLUE?

I just woke up and felt… blah. You know that I-just-want-to-pull-the-blanket over my head and hide away feeling? I wish I could tell you why I was feeling this way, but lying in bed (yes with my head covered up), I couldn’t point out why I was feeling so… depressed?

I followed my Mom’s advice and started counting all the things I was grateful for:

a beautiful baby girl,

an awesome hubby,

health and


but then I ended up feeling GUILTY because why on earth would I lie here, feeling sorry for myself if I have nothing to complain about?

Needless to say the guilt-feeling did not help my current state of depression…

I was stressed out and worried about everything. How am I going to finish all my work before the holidays? Why didn’t I take Minki to swimming lessons earlier this year? How am I going to get into a bikini this December (there’s only LIKE 20 days left to get rid of my flabby tummy), I can’t go shopping because my bills are piling up, I don’t understand why no one is saving Karli in Binnelanders although she is being kept right under everyone’s noses and why isn’t there a new season of The Bachelor out yet?

Okay, so by now you’re probably thinking what an ungrateful cow… I know it sounds horrible to say it out loud, but that’s the truth.

If you are one of those life-is-wonderful-all-the-time-smiling-people I’m happy for you! And don’t get me wrong I’m a really happy person – most of the time…

Except for those damn days that nothing is wrong but everything feels wrong…

For those of you who can relate to those grouchy, couch-potato, do not want to talk or see anybody days…

I did some research about why, oh why, do we get these days and more importantly what can we do about them?

According to Melanie Greenberg, a clinical psychologist, there are scientific reasons for feeling blue.

(Yay, I knew it was NOT my fault)!

Reason Nr 1: It’s your brain’s fault!

A study published earlier this year in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests that differences in the way our brain’s process a chemical called galanin makes some of us less resilient and able to bounce back after difficult experiences.

So, my brain is definitely not producing enough gala-something? Because I worry all the time! Why didn’t Minki eat? Is she eating too much chips? What will happen to her when I go on a date night? What will happen to my marriage if I don’t go on a date night? And why is my favorite jeans so tight?

Reason Nr 2: It’s the Weather!

You must have heard it somewhere before: Seasonal disorders. Yes, it’s a thing. It basically means that people are happier in Summer/Spring when the sun is shining and tend to get depressed during Winter.

That’s why the Game of Thrones people from Winterfell look so depressed all the time…

Vitamin D deficiency has been statistically linked to depression!

Reason Nr 3: It’s because we are NOT Zebras!

In his book Why Zebras don’t get ulcers, Robert Sapolsky explains: “When our ancestors had chased off that marauding tiger, they could relax and eat. The stressors in today’s world are much more chronic and less controllable by taking action, and we often don’t get the break afterwards to recover and regroup.”

Okay, so I’m not chasing off tigers but does trying to raise a little human count?

Research studies by University of Michigan psychologist Susan Nolen-Hoeksema and colleagues show that:

Sitting around thinking about your negative mood or negative events just makes everything worse!

So what I’m doing right now is definitely not helping…although technically I’m not sitting, I’m lying down…

Still covered under my blankie and thinking about all the reasons I’m feeling blue. Suddenly a little hand yanks the blanket off, I look into big blue eyes, twinkling with excitement:

“He – Lo Ma-ma!!!”

And just like that… the blues have gone!

Experts say you can beat the blues by:

• Exercising outdoors,
• develop a toolkit of stress-reducing activities, such as regular exercise, yoga or meditation,
• watching funny movies,
• playing team sports,
• Hanging out with and/or confiding in understanding friends.

I say:

Call a friend!

Drink a cappucino (takeaway or in a coffeeshop)!

Put on something red (because colour can make you more happy)!

Eat comfort food!

Go shopping (window shopping also helps)…

Take a nap (and then get up)!

Do something creative!

Get a hug or a kiss from someone you love!

And if all else fails…

Just get a baby (or two)!

You won’t have TIME to even think about feeling BLUE!


Stay stylish (and beat the blues)!

* The reasons for a down mood may be multifaceted and difficult to determine. If you feel depressed for two weeks or more, seek a medical consult to rule out or treat underlying biological factors.

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  1. Gloria :

    Wow I can relate, I use to feel like that a few months back and I use to worry a lot that I would some times think I’m sick. Thanx to prettybelle now I understand its pretty normal to feel a little bit of blues and from now on I will tackle it head on. Thanx Helene

    • Helene Olivier :

      Hi Gloria,

      I’m so glad you can relate! I think it’s important to realise that we all sometimes have “blue” days! And there are ways to feel better!

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

      I hope you have a fabulous week!


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