3 Words to Have the Best New Year EVER!

So right about now you are probably thinking: Another blogger writing about New Year’s Resolutions.

Give me a break!

So lets rather talk about Frozen. Yes, the Nr 1 animation hit movie of all time! We’re all Mom’s here, so I’m pretty sure all of you has heard and probably sang along with that hit song from the movie. You know the one where Elsa is taking charge of her life, twirling, shooting ice blocks and just belting it out:


I know I’m definitely guilty of singing along one too many times…

But except that it’s a real catchy tune, it stuck in my mind for a different reason. Right about now the web is overflowing with everyone telling you what you should or should not do this year.

The 3 most hated words ever: New Year’s Resolutions (that and “we should talk).”

BUT there’s something about starting afresh… it’s like waking up after 8 hours uninterrupted sleep (can’t remember the feeling, but hey a girl can dream). Starting over. a Clean slate.

It’s like a blank canvas for a tortured artist.

So every year I (secretly), roll my eyes (sorry Mom), for all the New Year’s resolutions and all the people who make them, but this year I’m going to live by 3 simple words:

LET IT GO! (Thanks Elsa)! 😉

Say, or rather sing it with me now!



Clothes that does NOT make me feel pretty.

I’m a bit of a hoarder. I don’t think I’m a contender on an episode of Clean House just yet, but I struggle to let go of stuff, especially clothes. I make sentimental connections like “I was wearing that dress when my (now husband) kissed me for the first time” or “that t-shirt when I won a big tennis game!”  You get the picture?

But the truth is: Clothes get old. Fashion is constantly evolving. I’m definitely not saying “blow your hard earned cash on a new outfit every week.” Just get rid of the clothes that have been lying on the bottom of your wardrobe or have been packed away for more than a year.

You are NOT going to wear it. Why not do something GOOD with it instead?

1. Donate it to a charity or church.

2. At H&M you can donate your old clothes (any brand), and get a 15% discount voucher on your next purchase.

FYI – up to now H&M have collected 5500 tons of clothing = 25 million new T-shirts!

Be part of the revolution! #closingtheloop

3. If your clothes is still in a good condition, have a yard sale (because even though that ruffled skirt was so cute back then, you just can’t pull it off anymore)!

There’s even a book about it! The life-changing magic of tidying up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organising. Cleaning consultant Marie Kondo works on the basic principle of which items “sparks joy.”

If an item is NOT making you smile…



That holiday weight!

I know it’s superficial but when I feel fat, everything feels wrong. I get super depressed and actually eat more and exercise less. A Vicious cycle! We all overindulge over the festive season and although I just hate that Special K Ad, where that girl is struggling to close her fave jeans zip… I can relate to her.

Detox, jog or do the washing – do whatever you can and get back to your HaPpY weight!

According to daily infographics as little as 20 minutes exercise can boost your mood for up to 12 hours! And working out for 30-60 min a few times a week can improve mental health! And if you need any more motivation to leave the couch:

Elle Woods (duh, from Legally Blonde) once said:

Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins makes you happy. Happy people don’t shoot their husbands. They just don’t. (Because we’ve all been there, metaphorically of course)!



Competitive parenting!

I don’t know about you but it’s exhausting! And when you’re attending your weekly baby class and all the babies are crawling – except yours – it’s really difficult to have a “don’t care” attitude. (Talking from personal experience) 😉

But although milestones are important, they are not the end all and be all. According to experts the spectrum of normalcy is wide. Choose to believe that your baby will develop normally and make a conscious decision to stop comparing.

I promise you, baby won’t go to her matric farewell with a dummy and she definitely will be using the toilet by age 16.

Why care soooo much about whose baby is rolling, crawling, walking, sitting, potty trained or talking FIRST?

Stop competing and rather help and support each other! I’ve been a teacher for almost a decade and I’ve seen it all… some kids can throw and catch a ball like AB de Villiers, others will talk Ellen Degeneres under the table and some will blow your mind with science.

Babies are unique. They grow up to be unique adults. Let them develop at their own pace.

Competitive parenting is SO NOT COOL!




The crazy haze of ideas and thoughts running through my head on a daily basis.

What’s for dinner? Why didn’t Minki eat this morning? Is she crying for attention or because she’s teething? Am I looking fat in this jeans? I need to remember to buy milk and Minki’s special yoghurt. I need to send out that email, pay my Truworths and Woolworths accounts and remember to phone my Mom… the list goes on!

This year I treated myself with My Beautiful Life Planner from mstudio. This planner is perfect to write down all your dreams, thoughts, goals, birthdays and special events (it’s even got a meal planner)!

Mariaan, the founder and owner explains the purpose of writing down all our stuff:

“When we make time to live more organised and plan purposefully, it allows us to focus on the things that really matter… things that make us the happiest.”

LET GO OFF the millions of random thoughts, WRITE it down and you will feel LIGTHER and yes HAPPIER and will probably reach more GOALS!

It’s designed to fit any woman’s lifestyle and its PRETTY – go check it out here!



It’s such a ridiculously tiny word. And counts almost nothing in Scrabble. But it influence our lives on a daily basis.

If I was thinner, richer, smarter, THEN I will be happy. If I didn’t work full-time I would be a better Mom.

Guess what?

The moment you reach that “if-stage” you are still going to be unhappy.

Half of Happiness is being okay with what you DON’T GET.


Stay tuned for Part 2 about New Year’s Resolutions – THE HAPPY NOW!

I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment! Do you LOVE or HATE New Year’s Resolutions?

Stay Stylish (and LET IT GO)!

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Comments (4)

  1. Melissa Javan :

    Love this post, so sweet and relatable. Let it go!! Especially of “if”

    • Helene Olivier :

      Hi Melissa,

      So happy you loved it! Best compliment ever! I’m still struggling to “let it go,” but I’m making a concious decision to try harder this year! Thanks for reading and getting in touch. I really appreciate it! Have a lovely day and a wonderful 2018!


  2. Louise :

    Ek stem

    Let it go … klere

    Voor ons Desember weg is het ek swart sakke vol klere en skoene wat seker al 3 tot 4 jaar onder kas weg gebêre is, geskenk. My lewe voel ligter (alhoewel ek maar nog kan uitgooi) ??

    Ek dink ‘if’ gaan maar altyd daar wees maar kan defnitief probeer?

    • Helene Olivier :

      Ai ja LOuise… die groot If! Ek probeer ook elke dag om eerder in die oomblik te leef!

      Well done met die klere weggee! Ek is ‘n groot opgaarder maar het ook omtrent 5 sakke volgemaak en weggegee en dit voel actually great!

      Dink ek moet nou Minki se kas takel en daar ook “ligter maak!”

      Hoop jy het ‘n heerlike daggie!


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