3 Words to Have the Best Year Ever!

Part 2:

If you were reading last weeks blog you will know that this is NOT your typical New Years resolutions blog.

I just realised that to write down a bunch of (unattainable) New Year’s resolutions serves no purpose. Instead I decided to follow the advice of a very trusted and wise person:

Elsa, from Frozen of course! 😉

(you can read last weeks blog here)!

I decided that this year I’m gonna try and LET IT GO!!! I’m going to let go of clothes that does not make me feel pretty! I’m gonna let go of that damn holiday weight! I’m gonna let go of competing with other parents! I’m gonna let go of that big fat IF.

IF I was thinner, richer, smarter then my life would be better and I would be happier.

NO!!! Wrong again…

According to research you actually won’t be!

The biggest LET GO of 2018 is:


Big words I know! But simply put:

Let go of the idea of how you THINK your life should be.

Mo Gawdat a big shot at Google figured out a mathematical equation:

The Happiness Algorithm

(he even wrote a book about his constant search for happiness).

Mo Gawdat’s simple equation for true happiness:

Happiness is equal to or greater than the events of your life, minus your expectation of how life should be.

I’m no mathematician but here goes:

The events of your life – Your idea/expectation of how life should be = Your Happiness

For example: Everyday things happen and every little thing that happens is perceived by you on a daily basis. Now it’s your choice how to perceive these string of events (called life), but here’s the catch. Sometimes actually most of the time, we are so caught up in what we think should rather happen that we are missing the NOW!!!

And that constantly deducts (-) from our happiness.

The. Happy. Now.

Another 3 words but so powerful. FYI it’s been # over 7,557,243 times (and counting) on Instagram! Which tells me something…

People want to be happy.

They want to live in the now.

But why is it that we struggle so much with achieving that one goal?


The IDEA that happiness is lying somewhere far of in the future.


Happiness is right now. Happiness is all around us. Happiness is all around you.

It’s in the way you soak in a bath after a hard day (after taking out all the bath toys of course)!

It’s in the way you exercised real hard and your skinny jeans zip up easily!

It’s in the way your little girl grabs hold of your pinkie when you’re walking…

It’s in the way when you’re so tired and just curl up next to hubby on the couch, while he’s watching cricket (great sleeping background noise, you should try it)!

It’s watching 7de Laan with a glass of wine and wondering when Xander and Vanessa will forgive each other (Again)!

It’s getting your hair done!

Phoning your mom and complaining for 45 minutes (because she’s your mom and she’s supposed to listen).

It’s in the way when you wake up in the morning and realise baby slept through the night

(it only happened twice, but still…)

It’s your nanny a.k.a an angel, helping you with baby (so you can take a shower)!

Driving to buy bread and milk and your favourite song starts playing on the radio!

Dancing with your baby (still gets me every time)!

Receiving a compliment. And believing it!

Telling a great story while everyone is listening intently to you…

Buying (that way too expensive dress from Forever New for half price on the Runway Sale).


Drinking a cappucino…

It’s being 100% YOU with your best friend ( and she still likes you)!

What the ???

It’s eating that warm-newspaper-wrapped-kilojoule-bomb-fish-and-chips (with lots of tomato sauce), without feeling guilty! If you haven’t been to Fish Factory in Ballito you have not lived. Period.

Being silly with your girlfriends, complaining about hubby and baby (and drinking way too much wine)!

Travelling with hubby and your new best buddy!

and sort of rocking a bikini again (although it will never be the same)! 😉

It’s in the way you feel like a kid again…

It’s your dad phoning to say he’s proud of you…

Your little girl looking at you while you are putting on a dress and saying: “Mamma mooi.”

It’s taking the first SMALL step, to get closer to DREAMS that are so BIG, they actually SCARE you.

It’s the way you feel when you are surrounded by family. By all the people you love most in this world.


Then you realise:

HAPPINESS IS NOT some far-off-maybe-it will-happen-in-the-future-thing:

It’s everywhere…

You just have to GRAB it.

And let everything else GO!


Stay Stylish (and live #thehappynow)

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  1. Mariette :

    Dankie dat jy weer my oe oopmaak en my motiveer vir 2018! Dis d klein dingetjies in d lewe wat tel…….

    • Helene Olivier :

      Ja Mamma dit is so waar…

      En ek wonder by wie het ek dit geleer? 😉

      LIef vir Mamma!


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