DIY Play Area for Kiddo

I hate Pinterest! No sorry, scratch that I love Pinterest! Okay, you want the truth? I have a love/hate relationship
with Pinterest (almost like my 1 year old with her dummy at … Read More


Stylish little people

There’s a common misconception that babies need to dress baby – ish. But I’m not convinced…
I like to dress my baby in clothes that I would wear and you’re definitely not gonna see me … Read More

Ready, steady… PLAY!

We all know that one moment… baby is totally engrossed with a toy. She is playing all by herself
and you can’t believe that you’re actually gonna have time to do… ANYTHING!
It’s like that … Read More

How to shop with Bebe

Okay, so pre-baby shopping was pure pleasure! Absolute bliss! Your biggest worry, was if you’re gonna find that perfect pair of skinny jeans at Forever New, in your size.
ENTER BABY: Now I know why Carrie … Read More

Little Miss Sunshine

It’s never too early to start protecting your skin from the blazing African sun.  There are millions of super cute swimsuit options out there, but if you want your little beach baby to be … Read More