What Your Kids Will Be Wearing In 2018!

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(that I told you about in my previous blog).
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Say Goodbye to these Trends in 2018
(and Hello to some brand new ones)!

Goodbye. Salakahle. Auf Wiedersehen.
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Start Planning Your Beautiful Life!

I love lists! I’m pretty much obsessed with making lists.
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Create a Casual Chic (Matching) Look for the Holidays!

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6 Reasons Why you Need a Floral Dress…

So this post is dedicated to the newest addition in my closet:
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Slide(rs) into Summer!

It’s as simple as 1,2,3, – SLIDE! TO UPDATE YOUR LOOK THIS SUMMER!
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Lets Shop LABEL Collections!

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Look of the Week: Jump for Jumpsuits!


I’m wearing:
1. Pink Floral Romper – Cotton On … Read More


4 Reasons why you need to CARE ’bout what you WEAR!

WE ALL JUDGE. There I said it. Within a few seconds of seeing someone we decide numerous things about them, from how smart they are, … Read More


Look of the Week: Belle-Sleeve Beauty


(From head to toe)
1. Black and White Polkadot Blouse – Contempo Casual – R275
2. Ivy Midrise Jeans – Forever New – R899
3. Check pumps – Woolworths … Read More