Blouse Obsession

The Number 1 must have item for Spring/Summer 2017 is…

The Blouse.
It’s been seen on the runway from Gucci to Chanel, fashion bloggers are rocking it all over the globe, and … Read More

10 Must buys for Winter!

Right about now it’s on every magazines cover.
Although most of the items are lovely and trendy, they are not necessarily perfect for Mama’s.
Every fashionista knows that one of this winter must haves … Read More

What’s in a bag?

You know what’s really annoying?
I’m a planner and I like to think of myself as an expert packer (if that’s even a thing). But since having a baby it just seems that the ONE thing … Read More


Just Sneaker It!

So, we all know the Athleisure trend has been around for some time.  If you have been hiding underneath a rock (or a bunch of dirty diapers) let me fill you in:
Athleisure is the fashion trend … Read More


How To Hide That Extra Weight
(Hide that long weekend weight now)!
One of my all time favourite Friends-lines has to be the one where Joey asks Ross (after Ross steps on his chest climbing down the fire escape):
Oh my.. how much … Read More

Jump for jumpsuits!

As you probably know by now I’m kinda obsessed with jumpsuits. Being a mommy, they now are even more versatile, super stylish and wait for it… COMFORTABLE!
Comfy reasons:
It’s a one-piece which means … Read More

It’s getting hot in here!

Going barelegged is great but sometimes it’s just too darn cold to rock your fave summer dress! So yes, tights seem like the logical solution to cold-proof your look, but it’s a … Read More

Style your T-shirt

I have nothing to wear! We’ve all been there but luckily a cool graphic top can solve any case of that dreaded scenario. This closet staple serves as a great base for any ensemble … Read More


Make Parenting Pretty with These Tips!

According to make-up artist Scott McMahan:
“Mom’s have the hardest, most important demanding jobs out there.  They all deserve to feel great about the way they look without … Read More

Make a splash!

I wouldn’t really describe myself as an “active” person but I do sometimes like to do activities WHILE still looking somewhat cute. Days of just laying on the beach or chilling on a beach … Read More