The Advantages of (Indoor) Play!

The debate of outdoor games being better than indoor ones and vice versa is never going to stop.
But here’s what’s important:
Kids should play, whether outdoor … Read More


3 Words to Have the Best Year Ever!
Part 2:

If you were reading last weeks blog you will know that this is NOT your typical New Years resolutions blog.
I just realised that … Read More


3 Words to Have the Best New Year EVER!

So right about now you are probably thinking: Another blogger writing about New Year’s Resolutions.
Give me a break!
So lets rather talk about Frozen. … Read More


Why Life is Perfectly NoT Perfect…

This is hard to admit because it’s really nice when people think you are perfect.
The perfect Daughter, Friend, Wife and Mom.
But here’s the thing with perfection…… Read More


Why are you feeling SO BLUE?

I just woke up and felt… blah. You know that I-just-want-to-pull-the-blanket over my head and hide away feeling? I wish I could tell you why I was feeling this way, … Read More


How to NOT feel Mommy-GUILT!

I remember taking my first proper shower as a new mom (if you’re a Mama you will understand what I mean).
So there I was, for the first … Read More


How to NOT lose your husband after kids!

I’m tired… What??!!! You had 9 hours UNINTERRUPTED SLEEP and you’re tired? How dare you say that? Let alone think or feel it?? Try breastfeeding throughout … Read More


10 Things I Learned From You…

I write a lot about motherhood and how having a baby changed my life and style! But there’s actually quite a few thing we can learn from babies.
You … Read More


A Mama Makes a Plan!

Being a Mom pretty much qualify you for every job in the world. You are a teacher, doctor, nurse, cleaning lady, sleep therapist, dietician, stylist, financial planner and way more all … Read More


Daddy’s home!

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret…
Once a week my husband takes Minki to visit Granny. This usually happens at 17:30. And they return at 19:00. Which means I have a full hour AND a … Read More