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Hello, I’m Helene

Wife, Mama, Influencer and Image Consultant

Some days I can give Carrie Bradshaw a run for her money (er, closet), a picture perfect Pinterest-Super-Mom.

Other days I’m rocking a 3-day old mom-bun, I’m consumed by mom-guilt and running on caffeine and wine only.

My love for fashion and all things pretty is pretty evident in everything I do. At PrettyBelle you can shop (our favourite outfits and accessories), get styled (choose from virtual or image consulting) or read our blogs and recharge your mom-batteries.

I want to empower and inspire YOU to look and feel beautiful. All my outfits are handpicked to combine FASHION & COMFORT. Wondering how to pull of the latest trend? Want to twin with your mini-me?

Find an outfit you love, click & shop.

I’m just a Mom, balancing my love for fashion, controlling my shopaholic urges, trying to not lose my husband and loving the rollercoaster ride of raising kind humans.

Meet the Kiddies

Minki is the one who made me a Mom. With a personality and a smile bigger than her ever expanding wardrobe and a dress sense that will make Katy Perry blush, she is a fashionable ball of fire.

She could talk before she could walk and her explanation of the #covidvirus has gone viral.

She perfected “Let it Go” and is now working on mastering the falsetto in “Into The Unknown.” Oh, and her lipstick application? Is damn near perfect.

Dressed obsessed, and living life like nobody (although everybody) is actually watching #littlemissminki

Josh is the baby in the house. With his gummy smile, it seems he inherited his Mom and Big Sis big mouths. Judging by the volume level of his screams and his animated facial expressions the big personality is already present.

The curls above his ears is his proud and joy and will make Superman jealous!

He loves to eat anything he finds on the floor. He couldn’t care less about his gorgeous outfits and his favourite pass time is to wipe sand from one side to the other.

He hates sleeping, loves waking up and crawls like a zombie #babyjosh







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