Fashion shows are always inspiring and are great to watch to inspire you to think differently about the pieces you already have in your wardrobe, and how to introduce new trends. But, catwalk trends can be a bit over the top when it comes to what you wear day-to-day.

The challenge:  To translate what can be outlandish runway styles into your everyday look so that your outfits are both practical AND stylish.

Let’s discover how to incorporate high fashion trends into your everyday looks!

Trend 1: Giant Florals


Vintage-style gouache florals are trending big on the runway.

How To Spot The Trend: The flowers are oversized and come in colours that are often clashing with browns, reds and yellows grouped together or greens and purples.

Dresses are the easiest way to wear the look and all you need to do is keep scrolling to see my favourite vintage floral print dress: The Allover Floral Flounce Sleeve Smock Dress

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*I’m wearing a size Medium

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Trend 2: All-White

Not the most mom-friendly trend, but if you can keep the kids at arm length for a day you are good to go!

You are about to see amazing streets style looks of women who appear on the streets wearing fully white outfits. I think this look is the most versatile and stylish. This color combo can be worn year round. Believe me, this hue can make you look polished and clean.

How to spot the trend: Look out for white on white on white!

Be prepared to rock white-on-white trend. That’s why you better start buying white sandals, white sneakers, cool crispy white sunglasses, etc. Be creative!

Remember when I said you can wear white all year round? Just add a pair of opaque tights, ankle boots and a jacket!

I’m wearing The Cloudy With A Chance Of Fashion Dress in All White Available Online

*I’m wearing a Large

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Trend 3: Faded Blue

There’s no doubt that colors have the power to influence our emotions and mood. And for spring/summer 2020, designers unquestionably uplifted our spirits with bright and vivid hues aplenty. From head-turning tangerine to fiery scarlet red, along with calming and approachable sherbet greens, pinks, and blues.

How to spot the trend: Faded blue is calming and easy on the eyes, this soft and gentle blue shade is is as reliable and dependable as your go-to pair of jeans.

Also spotted on many runways this season, the Broderie Anglaise or ‘English embroidery’ in French is becoming a massive trend this summer, and not only in the classic way we’ve seen with this delicate fabric so far.

Elegant, classic, and feminine, the broderie anglaise dress can go casual when teamed with a pair of flat mules, just like it can become dressy when you pair it with high heels and a clutch.

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Trend 4: Floral Jumpsuits

The Summer essential that are both comfortable and chic!

How To Spot The Trend: Floral + Jumpsuit = Trend

In addition to being comfortable by nature, these garments are also quite flattering since they slenderize the figure and, depending on the fabric they’re made of, can be paired with a light jacket for perfect layering.

 The PeekaBoo Floral Print Jumpsuit is available online

*I’m wearing a Medium

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Trend 5: Detailed Earrings

We are seeing a trend in jewelry that has unique design ideas: Extra-decorative elements (like the daisies on my clay earrings).

Jewelry like this can still be simple but not boring, and you won’t run into another girl on the subway wearing the same thing as you!”

How to spot the trend: Unique Designs on Everyday Pieces

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The One Trend To Let Go Of

Goodbye Tassel Earrings, Hello Hoops! Yes, it’s time to put away your tassel earrings (for now). This summer it’s all about statement hoops!

Remember: Style is individual and very personal, so if you wear all of the jewelry trends that are “out,” more power to you. 

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Some of my favourite local jewellery designers:

Hue and Me

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Helene, Minki & Josh

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