Life’s a beautiful adventure, especially when you’re exploring it with your little ones!

As a Mom who loves the great outdoors, balancing my passion with parenting is all about planning and flexibility.

Here are my top tips for fellow outdoor Moms:


1. Involve your kids

Choose activities that are fun and manageable for little legs. It’s all about making those outdoor moments enjoyable for them too!
2. Prioritize comfort
Look for gear that feels good from the get-go. Comfort is king to keep everyone happy on the trail.

HI-TEC is my go-to when it comes to essentials for active Moms! I choose to wear Hi-Tec Bramble W for all our outdoor adventures:

Things I love about the Hi-Tec Bramble W:

  • It’s comfortable from the moment you step in!
  • Lightweight & breathable (the upper is made of lightweight air mesh to provide breathability and ventilation).
  • Great grip in all weather conditions (a welded toe adds protection, and the durable outsole improves grip).
  • Excellent cushioning and support
  • Reflective elements on the shoes add visibility in low-light conditions (perfect for evening or early morning activities).

3. Be prepared

Pack snacks, water, sunscreen and a mini first aid kit.

Happy kids = A Happier adventure.

4. Layer up!
Weather can change fast outdoors, so layering is your best friend.

Adding some #fashionable flair to our outdoor adventures is this season’s Hi-Tec Lady Flen: a Must have puffer in a fresh floral look, what’s not to love?

The THERMO-TEC insulation keeps you warm and protected while the DRI-TEC  water-repellent feature shields off droplets.

Not to mention you are doing your part for the planet by just wearing this jacket: Its 100% recycled Repreve polyester filling.

This puffer is my go-to choice combining technology, comfort and style.

5.  Take your time
Kids are naturally curious, so schedule plenty of time for exploring, resting and those inevitable questions about every little bug and leaf!
6. Educate & inspire

Use your time outdoors to teach your children about nature, conservation, and the beauty of the environment around them.

Just remember, the best gear is the kind that lets you focus on the fun, not the fuss!


Helene (The Active & Stylish Mom)

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