First there was the pillow challenge, then the egg challenge and now we are proud to present:

The West Pack Toilet Paper Challenge!

It has been a crappy year, butt (pun intended) it’s about to get a whole lot better!

Win your share of up to R100,000 in cash and prizes and have loads of fun with your kids or furry friends.

How Does It Work:

Every week there will be a new challenge, and anyone can join in any time to enter. The challenges are designed to guarantee some much needed fun!

Share your entries on social media for a chance to win using the #WestPackTPChallenge

  • Buy TP
  • Get creative with the weekly challenge
  • Post your photo on social media using the #WestPackTPChallenge
  • Nominate your favourite charity with your entry – if you win West Pack will donate toilet paper to them!

Done, before you can say wipe that bum!

When Is The West Pack TP Challenge Running?

29 June – 9 August 2020  

You may enter as many times as you want, to increase your chances of winning!

What Can I Win?

a Guaranteed R50 000 worth of cash & prizes and now its up to R100 000 to offer West Pack customers more!

❤️ 5 Cash Winners R5,000.00 each (West Pack customers win R10,000.00 each)
💚 10 Cash Winners R1,000.00 each (West Pack customers win R2,000.00 each)
❤️ 5 Weekly Winners R250.00 Voucher each (West Pack customers win R500.00 vouchers each)
💚 5 Weekly TP Donations to your favourite charities (West Pack customers get double the TP donation for their favourite charity) 

If you do win and you can proof that you bougth your TP from any West Pack store West pack will DOUBLE your prize!

Yes, that’s right!

West Pack has agreed to open the competition up to ANYONE with ANY toilet paper! This means that even if you haven’t bought TP at West Pack you can join the challenge!

BUTTTTT if you WIN and you DID BUY toilet paper at West Pack, West Pack will DOUBLE YOUR PRIZE MONEY!!!

*Just make sure you can proof it, so keep your slips or have proof of purchase on your card!

Weekly Challenges

Are you in?

  • You can join in any time and take the #WestPackTPChallenge!
  • You may enter as many times as you want for more chances to win.
  • Remember to use the hashtag #WestPackTPChallenge (and nominate your favourite charity you’d like West Pack to donate toilet paper to)
  • You can use ANY TOILETPAPER but if you WIN and you bought TP from West Pack, they will DOUBLE your prize!

Weekly voucher winners are chosen on social media, but for a chance to win the BIG cash prizes you’ll need to upload all your entries to the competition form on so they have your details if you are a winner.

Click here to find out more about the West Pack Toilet Paper Challenge AND fill in the competition form to stand a chance to win the BIG CASH PRIZES!

And stock up on some toilet paper with the toilet paper promo!


Helene, Minki & Josh

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