How much I would hate it…

  • The enormous responsibility to keep a human alive with my body.
  • The fact that it feel like a leash sometimes (especially when I cannot go on that much needed girls weekend because it was too overwhelming for me to pump enough milk to last my baby through the weekend).
  • That I would basically have one boob out at all times!
  • That I cannot wear anything without thinking “easy access to breasts.”
  • Nursing bra’s and tank tops.
  • No strapless dresses even when it’s a 100 degrees outside!

The fact that breastfeeding would alter my breasts shape and size

  • Full, heavy and painful at the beginning,
  • lopsided when baby prefers to nurse on one breast and not the other.
  • Deflated after a while.

Missing my pre breastfeeding perky boobs

  • Stressed out at the very thought of a well-visit to the doctor or nurse to check their weight.

Did I produce enough milk for you to grow?


The enormous never ending responsibility of my breasts producing food for my baby.

But here’s what I love about breastfeeding

  • I’m providing food for my baby, it comes from my body, my breasts and if you think about it it’s kind of mind blowing.
  • The magical closeness that comes with breastfeeding.
  • Public breastfeeding and not giving a damn!
  • Oh, the places you will go (or rather breastfeed)!
  • The extra kilojoules you burn while breastfeeding. Yes, breastfeeding is my new cardio!

Mostly I love that breastfeeding isn’t just about milk, it is all about LOVE.


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