50 Days Till Christmas…

Say what? Yes, it is almost that time of the year and although we all deserve a very merry Christmas (especially after the year that was), a little saving can go a long way.

Save money this Christmas so the holiday season doesn’t strain your budget or lose its sparkle with

West Pack Lifestyle Promotions.

1. Something For The Mini-Fashionista

Meet the Honeeez Doll:

She has the most gorgeous rainbow dress, high heel shoes, pink of course, glam eyebrows and long rainbow hair – to match the dress. A true fashionista and the perfect gift for mini-fashionistas!

Get her on promotion now from West Pack Stores nationwide!

Roly Polyz Honeeez Fashion Doll Pink

Was R99,90 Now Only R79.90!

2. Something For The Sweet Tooth

Torku Banada Chocolate Spread: Josh approved it and if you don’t believe me you can see his taste review here!

Delicious, creamy, hazelnut spread, what’s not to love?

The Promo: Buy 2 – Torku Banada Chocolate Spread 400g

Was: R89,90

Now: R79,90

Me enjoying my sweet moment…

My face when you try and take it away from me…

The Promo: Buy 2 – Bratz Sour Unicorn


3. Something For The Heatwave

Nothing beats ice cold lollies on a hot summer’s day! I have been loving these lollies since I was a kid and now my kids love it too!

December is coming up, so make sure you take advantage of this crazy deal!

Buy 3 Boxes – Crazy Pops


little girl standing in front of bales and bales of toilet paper clutching her paper doll in west pack lifestyle store

4. Something We All Need

Thankfully, we did not run out, but you can never have enough! So why not stock up for the family visits? #thinkaheadandsave

The Promo: Buy 2 – West Pack Toilet Paper 2Ply 18’s

Was: R159,80

Now: R139.90

5. Add to cart (I mean Wishlist)

If I was a kid… This would be it!

Check out my stories to see Minki’s testdrive #bikerchick

*Not on promotion but fingers crossed 

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