Google The Top 5 Things to do when visiting the Kruger National Park, and you will find some fabulous ideas but you also need a fabulous budget to do that.

Hot air balloon ride, elephant back ride, luxury tented camps… the list goes on. But you know what?

Visiting the Kruger is pretty amazing. Here’s our Top 10 favourite things to do on a budget!

 1. Stop At Lake Panic.

This is a hidden gem… close to Skukuza you take a left and there’s this bird hide overlooking a beautiful dam. We once saw the local leopard coming down for a drink and there’s almost always a lazy hippo lounging around.

WARNING: Difficult to enjoy with a loud baby who loves to talk!

2. Chase After Game Drive Trucks!

These guys normally drive super slowly, not to mention they STOP for all the little brown birds. The trick is to keep your eyes open, when they suddenly speed past you, you know there’s a lion, cheetah or leopard nearby.

3. Eat A Lot!

Maybe it’s just me but when we are driving in the Kruger – I’m constantly hungry! Make sure to stop by the new improved Tshokwane Restaurant. As you can see they prettify it with lovely couches and some art…

There’s an open air restaurant and you can devour a bobotie jaffle or my personal favourite a buffalo pie! Nothing fancy, just a true African experience!

4. When All Else Fails… NAP!

We have a theory that nothing good happens in the Kruger between 12:00 and 14:00.

Therefore it’s the perfect time to NAP!

It’s a bit more tricky, cause I need to get Minki to sleep before I can doze off BUT when she’s finally asleep, it’s scorching hot outside and my tummy is full… I Nap.

5. Play At Skukuza!

Skukuza has a great play area! Perfect for little adventurers and you and hubby can sit on the patio overlooking the Sabie River, sipping on a glass of wine…

6. Make New Friends!

Next to a great sighting that is! Everybody is super excited because you just witnessed an elephant carrying a tired lioness cub (just joking Latest Sightings) ???? BUT there’s some really great sightings and everyone gets excited and it’s just beautiful to see!

7. Go Glamping!

Okay, we girls still love a bit of luxury. IF you can’t afford the private luxury camps, start saving for the Luxury Tents in Tambotie. It’s not going to break your budget but you still get that VIP feeling…

*Say Hello to the local honey badger for me, when you are there!

8. Choose Your Crowd Wisely!

You are gonna spend a lot of time in the car. Make sure you love the people you are travelling with!

9. Take Lots Of Photos!

10. Enjoy The Little Things…

I’m just going to confess: We love lions. But Mother Nature decided to bless us with a little girl,

loving every animal – EXCEPT lions! At first me and hubby was flabbergasted BUT now it’s pretty amazing. We literally get excited about zebras, giraffes and yes we now stop for impalas.

You should see Minki’s face!

And there you have it – get to the Kruger and experience it on a Budget!

See you soon!
Helene (& Minki)

**Minki’s wearing:  Monkey jumpsuit from H&M; Animal dress from KEEDO, Leopard print swimsuit from CreativElle & her favourite hat from Claires!


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