My dad played in a band. With his shoulder length hair and perfect moustache he looked the part and certainly played the organ like a pro.

The reason I’m telling you this? One of my fondest childhood memories looked a little like this:

Me, my two brothers and baby sister, each of us standing on our own little side table (thanks Mom for not caring about your furniture)! while my dad plays the organ (hunched over, swaying on the beat).

What did we do you might wonder?

We danced. But not like nobody’s watching! We would dance our little hearts out, each on our own little stage (till one of us falls and then the fun was over).

But I still believe that because of our weekly dance-offs (while my dad’s hands were flying across the black and white notes, reliving the glory days – yes I just quoted Bruce Springsteen, thanks Dad)! cemented my love for music.


Then we grew up… and (unfortunately) no longer fit on dainty coffee tables. Now we play air-piano and take my dad to our favourite live shows. Yes, he and my mom attended The Killers and Bon Jovi and trust me they were enjoying it more than most people half their age!

Bottom line: My Dad taught us the magic of music. Music is magical. Why? Because it can transport you from one place to another in an instant.

You know what else is magical? Going on vacation! To an island. Where the beaches are endless and the sea bluer than Minki’s eyes. I’m talking about Zanzibar: a Tropical dream destination. Blissful beaches, a vibrant culture, exotic spices, fresh seafood and perfect for some (long overdue) romance. Take long walks, enjoy colourful cocktails while watching the sun set and enjoy interacting with the friendly locals.


Wanna win a trip to Zanzibar?

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Head over to the Paper Jet Challenge page right now and follow the easy steps to enter.

Who knows? You might be on a flight to Zanzibar pretty soon….


Helene & Minki

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