Some people wake up looking beautiful. Unfortunately we are not all fortunate enough to wake up looking like Beyoncé. If you are anything like me (and a Mom), you probably stumble out of bed, wipe your tired eyes, smudging some leftover mascara. Your hair is standing in four different directions and you are heading in one direction only. To the kitchen. Coffee. Caffeine. Now.

We all know motherhood changes everything, but that does not mean you have to compromise on style (or walk around in sweatpants every day).

Now you are probably wondering… why? Why do I have to get up, dress up if I’m a stay at home mom? Or what difference will it make in my workplace if I look good?

Well here’s some shocking statistics for you:

A few years ago studies have found that when you meet someone for the 1st time they judge you within 7 seconds, but wait for it… latest studies have shown that people decide who and what you are (just by looking at you) in 1,5 seconds!

Social psychologists indicate that impression is formed by three key areas:

  • Visual – what people SEE
  • Tone – what people HEAR
  • And words – what you actually SAY.

Visual makes up a staggering 55%, Tone 38% and what you actually say ONLY 7%.

Conclusion: Our clothes speak volumes about us before we have even opened our mouths.

And that’s where I come in! As a qualified image consultant I am trained to help you be the most beautiful version of yourself (in the shortest time possible), so you can get back to what you do best –  changing diapers, breastfeeding and raising little humans. 

10 Style Tips Every Woman Should Know

1. Know thy body

Knowing your body shape will cut down the time you spend trying on clothes and it will help you choose outfits that fit your body perfectly.

Surprise! You are probably not apple shaped! Most women think they are, but when measured by an image consultant we can determine your real god given body shape – the one that no amount of sit ups can change!

2. Don’t go too tight or too loose

Defining your shape and embracing your curves is key! You definitely do not have to dress like a frumpy Mom, but clothes that are too tight or too baggy will make you look frumpy!

The below examples are just wrong!

3. Know your colours

Wearing the wrong colour can make you look dull, tired and washed out. Being a Mom we all know about not sleeping, so make sure you wear colours that complement your skin tone and make you look alive and most importantly awake!

Your skin tone can be either warm or cold.

 Obviously there’s much more to it, but if you want to have your own personalised colour chart you need to pop me an email and book your styling appointment asap!

4. Organise your closet

Did you know? You only wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time.

By organizing your closet you’ll be able to see what you own (and actually wear it) and you can get dressed faster in the morning and for once be on time for school!

5. Know your neckline

The neckline shows of your pretty face, therefore it’s important.

Remember another golden rule: Rounds adds pounds! So if you have a round face stay clear of rounded necklines and hoop earrings.

For more style tips and tricks, check out my virtual styling services!

6. Choose accessories wisely

Depending on your bone structure you can wear small or bulky accessories, small or big prints.

A Quick way to determine your bone structure: Wrap your index finger and thumb of your non-dominant hand around the top of the wrist of your dominant hand.

  • If your index finger and thumb touch and pass each other = small bone structure
  • If your index finger and thumb meet – medium bone structure
  • If your index finger and thumb do not meet = large bone structure

If you are a small, you will look best in S-M sized items.

If you are a medium, you can wear anything!

Women with large bone structure are flattered by larger items – think bigger prints and bulky accessories.

7. Go nude when you wear white

White is a tricky colour to wear, so if you are wearing white pants, don’t wear black or white underwear. Buy nude underwear!

8. Do not be afraid to mix and match!

You do not have to buy all your clothes at Forever New! Pair your Forever New Jean with a cute blouse from Woolworths, shoes from Cotton On and a handbag from Mr Price.

Affordable fashion is the way to go!

9. When in doubt, overdress!

There’s nothing worse than showing up at an event under-dressed!

When in doubt, dress up!

10. Be Comfortable

Comfort is not a style! But when you are happy and comfortable in your own skin AND clothes you exudes confidence.

Yes, #momlife is hard. Unbelievably hard, but also unbelievably wonderful.

Embrace motherhood, embrace your life. Embrace your style.

Get up, get dressed, look pretty, then you will feel pretty and most of all be happy!

For more info about my Virtual Styling services CLICK HERE

Until next time…



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