Step into Spring with these 5 Must–Haves. According to us and pretty much the rest of the (fashion) world!

1. Hello yellow!

This bright colour is popping up everywhere! And we are not complaining! What better way to greet spring than in something yellow? All the celebs are doing it…

Scared to look like a bumblebee? Here’s some ways to incorporate yellow in your wardrobe:

Go for Yellow shoes or a Yellow handbag!

This one is from Aldo (get ready to splurge because it’s R999)

Wear a Yellow jersey over a simple white dress.

Wear a Yellow T-shirt with blue jeans (bright blue goes perfectly with yellow)!

You can wear black with yellow, just add another colour, to avoid looking like, well a bumblebee.


2. Flirty dresses

This is truly the season to be jolly! This season less is… boring! Embrace your inner goddess and look out for ruffles, frills and florals. The flirty dress is everywhere! The more girly, the better!

I’m wearing floral-and-flare dress from ZARA and floral crown from Wooden Lace

Minki’s wearing white lace dress from Ackermans


3. What the White?

What? No way I’m getting into white skinny jeans? Did you know you can see cellulite through white jeans? Yes and yes. I understand. Really I do.

Follow these checkpoints when buying your skinny white:

• Is it stretchy?
• Is it great quality material?
• Is it mid-rise?

If the answer is YES! to the above you may take out that credit card and… swipe away!

These ones from Forever New (R899) is amazing!!!

Why White?

This Spring you need a simple white jean to offset the fabulous statement blouse.

Read Blouse Obsession if you don’t know what I’m talking about…


4. Cheering for Pom-Poms!

Pom-poms are staying put! Wear them on your feet with this fabulous sandals from Rage. It’s pretty much like your feet is partying all day long. Plus I just love the little cling-cling sound all the embellishments make…

It’s so affordable – only R189! Another reason to party!


5. Listen up!

Again put away your BORING studs! This season it’s all about detail and beautiful earrings are popping up everywhere. Especially look out for the tassle statement earring – it’s everywhere in all shapes, sizes and colours.

I’m wearing white tassle earring from YDE.

Lovisa got lots and lots to choose from, like all these pretty ones above!

Of course I didn’t forget your Mini-Me! This dress from Woolworths (R299) is perfect for spring and ticks all the above boxes:

It’s yellow,

It’s flirty,

Pair it with these sandals from Country Road (R399)

You’re guaranteed to be the most stylish Mom and Daughter roaming the streets.

Stay Stylish (and happy shopping)!


Helene & Minki


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