Do you remember Reggie’s Rush on KTV (now you know my age), where two lucky kids get a trolley and they get like 1 minute to run through the store and throw in anything they want?

Luck was never on my side with game shows (no matter how many times I entered), but I used to dream that I would run straight to the Barbies! My brother was laughing and said he would run to the Legos!

It was so easy back then… Girl = BARBIE. Boy = LEGO. Christmas Sorted. Done.

But oh my word! These days when I set foot in a toy store I feel just like those Reggies-kids!

I want to grab a trolley, start running and throw everything I see in my trolley!

I feel like a little kid and it’s a sensory overload!

Everywhere I look there’s toys, toys and more toys! Yes, there’s still LEGO and BARBIE but now there’s LEGO Star Wars, Super Heroes, Technic, Ninjago and DUPLO! There’s also a curvy, petite and athletic BARBIE?

Okay, but what about educational toys? Yes, they are great but expensive! And most of the ones I bought are gathering dust while Minki is playing with… the toilet brush (I know it’s definitely NOT hygienic but what can a Mama do)?

And between all of this madness I’m supposed to actually find something that she is gonna wanna play with for longer than 6 minutes, without maxing my credit card?

And that’s where I turn around, buy a takeaway cappuccino and pass out on the couch!

Vowing to never ever go to a toy store again (the toilet brush will just have to do, sorry Minki)!

But just because it’s Christmas, I searched the web for the best Christmas Toys out there!

If you like it, just click on the picture and BUY IT! You don’t even have to get up!

A comprehensive list would have been named: 16 million Toys for Christmas, but I still need to wash the dishes, change her diaper (as you can see) and go to Woolworths to buy dinner.. ????

So, I stopped at the Top 16 buys! Most of the toys I can recommend from personal experience, because they’ve been keeping Minki busy for longer than 6 and a half minutes!

Some are expensive,

Some are cheap!

Some are just right…

Go through the list, enjoy oh and please share your top finds in comments below!

OH HO HO (see what I did there)? Just because I can (you know I was a teacher for 9 years)? I put a little educational sentence below each toy…

(because I’m a firm believer that kids learn THROUGH play)!

1. Bashful Bunny – R595

Minki’s fave bunny now only has 1 ear! But he still goes everywhere with us!

Why me?

Soft & silky = great for sensory development.
Sleeping buddy = more sleep for baby = more sleep for Mama (Yay)!

2. Finger Paint Set – R115 (4 colours)

It’s been tried and tested! Guaranteed hours of fun with goo! And it’s washable! Pleasure, Mama!

Why me?

Promotes fine-motor skills,
Colour recognition and
Sensory development (painting with fingers)!

3. Tootle Turtle Tote Set – R220

Perfect for little gardeners!

Why me?

Encourage counting!
Identify plants, bugs or trees that are bigger, smaller, wider, thinner, etc than each other. Identify things that are in, under, on top of, etc. All these concepts are wonderful for children to explore and learn about in the garden.
Encourage kiddo to smell (olfactory) different plants, to touch (tactile) the leaves/soil, to listen (auditory) for different sounds in the garden and to look (visual) for different bugs or coloured flowers.

4. Bug Catching Magnetic Puzzle Game – R165

This one I can vouch for! I don’t know why but it’s weirdly satisfactory to catch something with this little net! I’m entertained (as a grown-up), why not baby?

Why me?

Encourages eye-hand co-ordination,
Promotes fine motor skills in a fun way.

5. Deluxe Pounding Bench – R280

Don’t say I didn’t warn you! The pounding can get a bit much… keep the Panados close! But it’s a lot of fun (for baby anyways)!

Why me?

Practise fine motor skills.
Learning different colours.
Faces are playing peekaboo!

6. Foldable Sandput 4-Seater – R1500 (varnished)

This award-winning design is available as a 4-seater or 8-seater.

Why me?

Sand is an open-ended medium which means the learning possibilities are endless!

Timber treated against weather and insects.

Painting optional.

7. Sunny Shell Sandpit – R189

It can be a sandpit, ball pit or kids pool – the choice is yours! With the limited attention span of pretty much every child I know, this is great!

Why me?

Multiple functions.
Light and easy to move around.
Hours of play guaranteed! Just add sand, water or balls!

8. Beach Bucket Animal Face – R69

The cutest beach bucket ever! Come on, have you seen that face?

Why me?

It’s so damn cute!
It’s affordable!

9. Childrens Cottage -R2,990

This one is on my wishlist… (wink wink hubby)! A plastic play house with doors and windows that can open. Perfect for Minki’s little outside play corner… a girl can dream…

Why me?

Inspires role-play!
Fantasy play…
Provide shade (very important in Nelspruit)!

10. Plastic Ball with Stubbles – R9.00

Just a ball… it’s self-explanatory!

Why me?

The stubbles are great for sensory development!
Kicking or throwing a ball promotes gross motor skills.

11. Reindeer Ears – R49

Santa needs reindeers! Who’s with me?

Why me?

Because your baby is going to be the cutest little reindeer this Christmas!

12. Teepees – R1,150 – R1,350

These Teepees are fabulous! It is the ideal accessory for any child’s room or nursery.

Why me?

It’s durable (made from outdoor canvas).
Perfect for imaginary play!
Sensory hideout for over-stimulation.
Great for shade, next to the pool or on the beach.

13. Picnic Blankets – R1,250

Don’t know about you, but I can never find a big enough blanket! I always end up with one bum cheek on the grass! Rash = not fun! December screams picnic and finally there’s a pretty and big enough blanket!

Why me?

Durable fabric top.
Beautiful fabrics to choose from.
Spending quality time with your kid = PRICELESS!

14. Trunki – R999

I first saw Trunki when my nieces came to visit from Singapore. At the time they were only 3 and already world travellers. I saw pictures of them cruising through the airport on their Trunkis! So cool!

Why me?

Beats the boredom of travelling!
It’s hand luggage.
Kiddo can pack all their fave belongings.
Lightweight yet durable in other words can take wear and tear.
a Seatbelt for kiddos fave toy.
5 Year Guarantee!

15. Lulla Doll – R999

If you haven’t heard of the Lulla Doll I will bring you up to date. People are raving about this doll as a sleep companion for baby: Sleep longer, feel better and be safer!

Why me?

Proven ability to let baby sleep better.
Do you need any other reason???

16. Clay – From R45

Simple but oh so effective!

Why me?

I love the separate wrapping paper – keeps clay soft for longer!
Promotes colour recognition and
Fine motor skills.

Buy it at any stationery store!

Merry Christmas!

Happy shopping (and learning)!

Stay Stylish


Helene (and Minki)

*All prices and links were correct at time of post.


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