Dirty kids are great! It means they have explored and played their little hearts out and we all know that’s great for their overall development.

What’s not so great? The same dirty kid refusing to take a bath.

We’ve been going through an anti-bathing phase… and no, it’s not good, clean fun.

I have begged, pleaded and screamed – nothing worked until…

I’ve discovered magical Acornkids bath products.

Minki could not get in the tub fast enough! While the bath was running, she was soaking up the lovely strawberry aroma… Which smells amazing by the way!

Way better than her dirty feet! 😉

She literally jumped in and started searching for the little sea creatures hiding in the foam.

And that’s what I love about these products:

Acornkids Products magically transform everyday actions (like bath time) into times of learning, growth and exploration. Find out why we love it!

Why we love Surfs Up Fun Foam

  • It’s colourful!
  • It smells delicious (like freshly picked strawberries)!
  • Mystical see creatures in every bottle!
  • Minki loved hunting the little creatures in the bath!

What is kiddo learning?

  • Hand/Eye Co-ordination

Acornkids Surfs Up improves hand and eye co-ordination: Minki was trying her best to grasps the little shapes under the water.

  • Fine-Motor Skills

When kiddo picks up the little shapes with their fingers, it develops their fine motor skills: This is important for future writing skills.

*Available in red, yellow, green and blue and pink/purple at R71 per bottle.

Add another fun element with bath pops!

The Acornkids Bathpops range is designed to encourage creative and imaginary play, through shape identification and story telling. 

It also teaches kiddo patience – Minki had to wait for the little pop to unfold – counting to 10 again and again…

Once again – fun and learning rolled into one fabulous product!

She loved her little farm animals so much they had to go to bed with her!

Pick your favourite: Farm animals, monsters and aliens, dinosaurs and lots more! R24 per pack.

You are my angel


Have a look at their angel powder! A unique fun and educational colour powder which transforms bath water into a magical colourful playground. Kiddo learns about colour combinations in a fun way! 

The best way to end the day? In a magical Acornkids bath!

Until next time!


Helene (& Minki)

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