That feeling you get when you’re browsing around in a little hidden-away shop and you find the perfect vintage handbag = priceless.


There’s something to be said for the big clothing retailers. It might not sound as cool as finding your perfect embroidered handbag somewhere in Kalkbaai, but these stores have some pretty amazing finds – you just have to know where to look. Because I (deep sigh) know how busy life as a Mama gets,

I scouted the BIG stores for you! I fell in love with these finds and I’m pretty sure you will too…

1. Shake your pom-pom

What’s better than a pom-pom? TWO pom-poms of course! Meet the Summer pom-pom often seen on sandals and light scarfs. The Winter pom-pom adds spunk to any outfit and is seen on handbags and hats. But they both have 1 thing in common: FUN!

I love it because:

• its candy-cotton pink,

• cable knit is oh-so-chic and

• it has not one but, yes you guessed it, 2 pom-poms

This beanie says you’ve got heaps of style but doesn’t take yourself too seriously! Do as Ellen says put on your pom-pom beanie and “have a little fun today!”

Buy it: Truworths

2. These boots are made for walking

Listen up all new Mamas! Babies don’t like to wear shoes!

Yes, the styles are adorable, I mean tiny little brogues?? Who can resist? But most of my oh-so-fabulous shoe-buys including brogues, havianas, gumboots and espadrilles are gathering dust in Minki’s closet and when I finally got them on her feet, they were way too small.

Luckily it’s a proven fact that barefoot is best for your baby’s development –In fact, podiatrists say that bare feet should be a vital component of a child’s everyday life, in all seasons. In his ground-breaking book Take Off Your Shoes And Walk, podiatrist Simon Wikler reminds us that “not so long ago, children in rural areas most always went barefoot in warm weather, as did many adults. It is only since shoes have been inexpensively made that we have taken to wearing them constantly.”

Maybe you’re too attached to your Jimmy Choo’s, but choose to let your child explore the world barefoot, whenever the weather and occasion permits it.

If kiddo has to wear shoes then go for this Walkmates Boots.


• The insoles provide extra cushioning and better shock absorption to protect and pamper little feet.

• It’s made with non-slip or grip soles that are essential for when your toddler starts walking.

• It’s easy on easy off!

Approved by the podiatry association of South Africa (PASA)

Expert tip – Never pass shoes from one child to another. As soon as a child wears a new shoe, the shoes mold to those individual feet. If you pass shoes to another child, it can hinder the natural development of their feet. They are a bit pricey, around R380, but it’s worth it!

Want it? Waltz over to Woolworths.

3. The perfect cat-eye

Did you know? “How to do a cat eye” is one of the most Googled beauty questions ever (it yields over 67,500,000 results). And here’s why: It’s really freakin’ hard for most people.

While my hunt for the perfect cheesecake continue – the search for the perfect eyeliner stops here!

Say Hello to Catrice Eyeliner Pen.

Motherhood = smudge eyes.

Why? You sleep less (unless you have one of those babies who sleeps through the night since week 3), then stop reading NOW! BUT the rest of our pour sleep depriving souls is rubbing our eyes, without even noticing it.

The result = looking like a tired panda bear instead of a hot mama with perfect, sexy, smoky eyes.

After trying A LOT of different brands I can recommend this for the perfect cat-eye:

• It’s unbelievably affordable (only R50),

• Its waterproof! You can rub and cry, this eyeliner is staying put.

• The slim tip makes it easy to apply.

I’m wearing Catrice in dark-brown.

Availble from: Most pharmacies: Dischem Pharmacy, Mopani Pharmacy (in Nelspruit), Clicks, Online via Spree.

4. Sweet dreams

With great power comes great responsibility. To quote Chandler (from F.R.I.E.N.D.S)

“Could this onesie BE any cuter?”

Lovin’ it because:

• The zip makes getting in and out quick and mostly tear free.

• It’s warm! • Pretty and practical AND affordable!

“There’s a super-hero in all of us we just need the courage to put on the cape!”

Available from: Pick-a-Pay Clothing

5. Something little…

After all this big retail finds I can’t resist to mention this beautiful turban from Annapatat. I mean just look at it – pure style and cuteness all rolled into one!

Watch this space for a lot more about Annapatat clothing – COMING SOON!

If you can’t wait, shop it here:


Helene (& Minki)


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