What does a valuable life skill, purple eggs and unicorns have in common? The Nurchums fantasy hatching egg of course!

The fantasy egg craze have been around for a while now. Worldwide kids are intrigued and delighted by hatching toys. I always wondered why kids (and grown-ups) are so fascinated with this concept. I mean with screen time and I pads why would a simple egg capture kiddo’s imagination?

Ps: The Nurchums Fantasy Hatching Egg, which introduces your child to the element of surprise, is currently the top-selling toy for Keycraft Globally. Retailers worldwide are rejoicing and so are parents!

The answer is as simple as the toys instruction: The fantasy egg forms part of a toy range that inspires imagination, encourages compassion and engrosses your child in following the simple instructions – just pop the egg in water and watch the toy inside hatch and grow.


Nurchums, manufactured by Keycraft Global and distributed locally by wholesaler, Pollywiggles, send Minki a Fantasy Egg. Yay!

This glittery purple egg forms part of the fantasy range and you never know what you might get – it could be a mythical unicorn or an enchanting fairy.

First off the egg is really big – like Barney might jump out big, which instantly sparks curiosity. I hate to admit it, but my curiosity was tickled. “What’s inside Mommy?” Minki asks with her eyes wide open.


The instructions are fairly simple (and there’s pictures, if you are too lazy to read). The attractive, coloured eggs containing  themed toys are submerged in water, and after a few days, cracks start to appear in the egg-shells.  There’s great excitement as the cracks start to widen and kiddo gets a glimpse of the toy they are helping to hatch.


According to the specifications you need to leave the egg in water for 48 – 72 hours. After 24 hours there was a small crack in the egg, but we could not really see anything.

48 hours later there was a little nose peeping through – causing Minki to jump up and down with joy.

72 hours later the top half of the egg cracked open and just because I have a very impatient two year old, we could not wait any longer. We took out the cracked egg and remove the pieces, to reveal a slippery unicorn baby.

“Aaaaw, oooh, aaaw it’s a baby horsie!” Minki was patting the baby horsie also known as a unicorn, softly on the back and refused to put it back in the water to grow: “Dis nou my baba Mamma!”


Blame it on the teacher in me, but I’m a huge fan of educational toys, it makes me unexplainable happy. Here’s a bit of teacher talk, so bare with me: As a Socio Emotional Learning (SEL) toy line, Nurchums involves kids in nurturing and fostering patience while providing a tangible experience of gaining rewards through delayed gratification.

In non-teacher language: What I love about this fantasy egg is that it teaches Minki PATIENCE.

Something my two year old definitely does not have. I couldn’t believe that she was fine with the fact that we have to wait 24 hours before something will happen.

Even after the 24 hours and nose peeping scenario, she was totally fine when I said we need to wait because the egg needs to stay in the water to grow even more.

She was learning a valuable life skill through a toy. Amazing!

Not to mention to joy on her face when we finally revealed horsie! Emphasizing the fact that good things take some time: gaining reward through delayed gratification.

The best part: Once free of the egg, returning horsie to fresh water will enable it to grow to its full size, which can take up to 10 days.  Out of water, the toy will return to its original size, and it can be put back in water to grow over and over again.

Ps: Horsie is now a visitor at Minki’s school, where 21 other kids can watch her grow even more and maybe master a valuable life skill in the process.


Nurchums are available at Plasticland, Toy Kingdom, TOYS R US, select SPARS and other independent toy shops.

They retail at R 89.99 and can also be purchased online at www.takealot.com  and www.loot.co.za.


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Until next time…

Helene & Minki

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