It’s possible, I promise…

So we visited the BFM Farmers Market at Casterbridge. Good for you food, local music and mouth-watering smells flowing through the air, the smell of beer and lots of unexplored stalls, waiting for me (and my wallet)!

Hubby headed directly to the beer stall and I was eyeing this huge floating cushion, when a loud scream made the whole market come to a standstill.

Minki was standing in the middle of the market screaming at the top of her (little) lungs:

“I want a present and a pancake!!!”

I waved goodbye to my floating cushion, hubby of course bought the beer and then the nightmare started.

Overwhelmed by the market buzz, she could not make up her mind and was well, losing it.

Here’s what I learned if you want to navigate your way through a market with kids – and actually enjoy it!

1. Set the mood

Tell kiddo you are going to a market. Explain that it’s going to be outdoors and there will be lots of people and different stalls. Also explain that you are going to explore, but that she can choose ONE, one present only.

Markets are kinda like window shopping… I know BOO!

2. Know your child

You know when you go shopping on an empty stomach and you just can’t help yourself as you stack your trolley with chuckles, chips and Coke?

Right back at you!

If you take a hungry kid to the market you will regret it. Been there, done that. Learned my lesson.

3. Be willing to leave

But you just got here? Yes, I know. It’s hard, but nobody said it would be easy.

When it’s time to go, just bite the bullet (or your burrito) and GO.

If kiddo has a meltdown for the 3rd time and wants everything but nothing all at once. You bought a snack, carried her on your hip and handed over your precious IPhone (no judgement here), but she’s still screaming.  Then pack up and go.

It’s actually quite liberating and you will be doing yourself and all the other visitors a huge favour. And you know what? There will be another market!

4. Beware the wandering toddler

Toddlers are fast little creatures. Like scary fast.

If space is a problem (at most markets), rather leave the bulky stroller at home and opt for a baby carrier. In our case the baby carrier’s name is Mommy…

That was until we bought this cute little handmade trolley! It was heaven sent: Perfect for all our goodies and Minki had something to do.

If you want to go really extreme you can always try these toddler tamers…

Check out my list of The Top 10 Weirdest Baby Products Ever!

5. Take the opportunity to teach

Markets can be a fun way to teach kiddo about money.

Minki decided on her one present: A wooden trolley and handed the money to the friendly “Omie.” She then decided Mommy wants flowers and we planted the flowers later that day!

Basically I learned my little spender about money, we support local products and made the earth a little greener. 

6. Think about what you wear

Wear sunscreen and a sunhat. That goes for you and kiddo. Also remember comfy shoes to navigate your way through the stalls. Again – you and kiddo.

Ps: I love going to the market with my backpack from 4AKid: Hands free to taste all the free samples and grab onto Minki!

7. Enjoy the moment but remember…

People will like you more if you don’t mess up their fun. That’s just the simple truth.

It was your choice to have kids, not the girl chilling with her friends, sipping wine and eating burritos.

Soak up the sun, the live music, the hustle and bustle and chat to all the friendly vendors.

And if all else fails… Drink beer, lots of beer! 

Wanna fill up your fridges and pantry with fresh homemade, homebrewed goodies?

Then you need to visit the BFM Farmers Market!

 When: The BFM is held on the FIRST Saturday of the month.

Where: Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre in White River.

Time: 8am – 12pm

Psst: The next market is on Saturday 3 November and will be a creative gift market.

Read more about this artisan market here…

Look out for pink fabric wrapped trees, pink BFM banners and pink dressed up rhinos a week before every market!

Do you have any tips to navigate through a market with kids? I would love to hear!


Helene & (Minki)

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