Its beginning to feel a lot like winter – especially if you live in the Free State (like me!) and nothing makes me crave a beach holiday like waking up to a grey and windy morning.

So its good to know that June is the perfect month to visit Mauritius, and with temperatures ranging mostly between 25°C and 27°C, you will definitely catch some rays whilst drinking that cocktail.

We had the opportunity to visit the four trident (like four stars, only cooler) Club Med La Pointe Aux Canonniers village in Mauritius earlier this year. I was hesitant at first, not knowing if I would like to go on a so-called “package holiday”, but I’m glad to report that I was wrong! At Club Med, you are welcomed to the village like family – it starts to feel like home pretty much instantly as everything is included in your stay – food, drinks, towels, activities, child care.

The GO’s (Gentile Organisateurs) are your hosts, and they make it their priority to learn your name and make your stay as comfortable as possible. You name it, they’ve got it.

And the best part? Kids under twelve stay free (and in their own room) at all Club Med Mauritius resorts!

Eat your heart out!

If you know me at all, you’ll know that food is the main reason that I travel anywhere. I was scared that an all-inclusive package will have dreary food and only a few, simple choices. I wanted to experience Mauritian cuisine – but I also hate wasting money, so going outside of the resort would feel like cheating on the holiday package. But again, I was proven wrong. At The Belle Créole family restaurant, the food is delectable and the variety will make you go back for seconds and thirds. The sea urchin and lobster were the most popular dishes at the seafood buffet in the week that we stayed there. For those craving red meat, whole fillets were braaied and served fine dining style with steamed asparagus and a range of sauces and potato puree. We had crumpets and ice cream (you have to go back every night to try all the flavours!) and squid ink pasta and, and, and!

Fussy kids were catered for with chicken nuggets and a burger station. And that is just in the family restaurant.

You can also book to go to the Alma Beach Lounge and have a fine dining evening on the beach (definitely recommended).

Burn baby, burn

If you eat as much as we did, you have to do something to burn off those calories. And La Pointe Aux Canonniers delivered in spades. On our first morning there we tried sailing – trickier than it looked and way more fun than we thought it would be. And the GO’s who teach you are also not bad looking… 😉

We also tried not falling whilst waterskiing and stand up paddle boarding (not everyone succeeded). The snorkelling was great (they take you out on a glass-bottom boat) and archery with a strict instructor made me giggle.

All of the instructors make you feel like you are the best in the world (even though I wasn’t), but it was a great confidence boost.

We also enjoyed the late afternoon Zumba classes – we might have laughed more than we Zumba-ed, but it was great fun and a good workout before pre-dinner drinks.

Zen Out

Even though this is a family resort, mom and dad might still need some downtime. And that is where Club Med delivers in spades!

Book the kids in at the Children’s Club Med and have an Apérol Spritz at the Zen pool. There you can read, sleep, drink and watch the world go (quietly) by.

And if you think only “bad parents” book their kids in at the club, think again!

We heard so many kids beg to back every day, as they love the GO’s and the range of activities they have there – when asked they all remembered the treasure hunt, glass bottom boat ride and the fun, activity filled, beach sport day they had. Some kids even invite their GO’s to dine with them at night.

So the Zen pool and the kids club is a win all round.


The Island has something for everyone, if you can convince yourself to leave the village. A trail run in the Black River Gorges National Park is a truly spectacular way to experience the natural beauty of Mauritius – the view at the highest point is your best Insta-shot!

If you have time, book a spot to ride an underwater scooter or experience a submarine at Blue Safari. I was quite scared to drive a scooter under water, but it was magical and weird and fun and something the whole family will enjoy.

And of course no visit to Mauritius is complete without visiting the seven coloured earth and the tortoises on the North-Western side of the island.

Family Time

Back at the resort you can enjoy most of the activities as a family, but the most special is the family fun pool where kids can spend hours under the water arches, jumping and playing while mom and dad swim with them or lounge around the pool.

There is no limit on the noise they can make or the amount of fun they can have at the pool, so that is where you’ll mostly find families with younger kiddo’s.

Kids who go to the children’s club can also rehearse for the concert where their families can watch them perform with the GO’s.

As the sun goes down

Night time at Club Med villages are always special. Themed evenings make everyone feel included and pre- and post dinner drinks are a merry affair. We tried some interesting infused rums and danced, laughed and watched some of the shows. For those with two left feet, the poker table will always have an open chair for you!

Our most memorable evening was the white themed evening where tables are set-up around the pool. Everyone in white makes it feel like a fairytale – especially once the champagne is served.

Kids joined in the fun and danced the night away with their parents whilst the village photographer snapped happy memories for everyone before they leave the next day.

On the home-bound plane I thought about the fun and laughter and general happiness that we experienced at La Pointe Aux Canonniers and I realised that there is only one way to leave Mauritius – smiling!

Good to know

 Direct flying time to Mauritius: 4 hours to Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport

Time Difference: +2 Hours

Currency: Mauritian Rupee

Do South Africans need visas to visit? No, just a valid passport.

Practical-ly Perfect

Upon arrival everyone is given a little Club Med bracelet – this is your room key, which is great because it meant that I didn’t lose mine once! This eliminates the need for wearing a dress with pockets or schlepping a bag with you. Beach towels are available at all pools, so you take and leave as you use it – no damp towels in your room! Being as practical as I am, I liked that they make it easy from the get-go!

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