Covid 19, coronavirus, national state of disaster. The internet is overflowing with facts, fake news, tips and tricks regarding the dreadful Covid19 situation.

It’s information overload and I feel like my head is going to explode; then hubby got home from work and Minki explained the coronavirus to him in true Minki style and shone a much needed light on a dreary situation.

It was way too cute (and informative) not to share, so I posted on Facebook and Instagram. In minutes the post skyrocketed to a 1000 views, then 2000, 4000, 6000… minutes before bedtime, Minki explaining that Spur was still safe to visit, was viewed almost 60 000 times!

Everything you need to know about the coronavirus explained by Little Miss Minki in just 1 minute (and it’s gone viral)!

Current stats

According to Little Miss Minki:

“The world needs love (and a corona-free Spur and pizza place)!”

Easy as that!


Stay safe (and smile)


Helene, Minki & Joshua

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Helene, Minki & Joshua

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