Since becoming a family of three the way we think about outings changed quite a bit.

For instance: We’ve been going to Ballito Bay since I can remember but I have never ever noticed The Flag Animal Farm until our recent holiday.

The reason: a Cute little baby girl that does not enjoy sipping cocktails in the local beach bar. Oh my… how times have changed…

Anyway, (Yes I know you’re thinking about that Mimosas, but you’re a Mom and there’s no time for that)! Well not right away…

Sorry drifting off! Okay where were we? Oh yes, The Flag Animal Farm. So, when we saw the board we thought what a great family outing!

Is it a Zoo? NO! Museum? NO! Just a real farm with friendly animals!

At first I wasn’t that impressed because lets be honest: It’s a farm and it smells… a mix between all-sorts-of-animal-poo and another strange smell I couldn’t figure out.

But then we got greeted by all sorts of colourful, chirping birds, the African Grey in the entrance hall bending his head over inviting us to say Hello! I saw Minki’s face and everything changed. Yes, motherhood makes you less selfish!

Almost like the awesome people who build up this farm and created a safe haven for animals.

I forgot about the smell and start to enjoy the experience!

The farm is home to over 1000 animals, birds, reptiles, wolves, alpacas and of course Barney and Dora. If you want to know who they are you have to go there!

Best part: 80% of their animals are rescued!

There’s pretty much any animal you can think of. Bunnies, ostriches, peacocks, cows, horses and even a sly looking reptile thingy??!

I was not planning to touch that thing anytime soon, but Minki wasn’t scared at all!

Top tip: Remember to buy some “animal food” at the counter (R12 a packet) – you can feed the animals as you walk through. Minki loved feeding the bunnies!

And she tried to feed the turkey, which ended up chasing her!

The vibe is awesome! Everybody working at the farm is extremely happy! There’s a tractor that goes around the farm every 20 minutes with the driver singing and children hopping along. There’s cow-milking sessions, that turned into a dance session and feeding sessions for all the different animals. The staff are super friendly and the talks were really informative.

Obviously the wolves are the main attraction and everybody gathered around when it was show-and-tell time. I think hubby was more excited than all the kids together to see and touch a real wolf! It was pretty cool to see…

Although Minki wasn’t that impressed…

You can sip on a creamy cappuccino while kiddo play on one of the play areas (there’s a lot), just watch out for peacocks strolling by…

Other cool stuff:

Baby feeding room
Indoor Play centers
Reptile room
Tractor rides
Loads of Playgrounds

On our way out Minki couldn’t resist to take a croc-photo!

Sorry… me too!

And even though I was happy to leave the unfamiliar smell, it was a great outing!

If you are looking for a fun family outing at a kids-friendly place make sure you visit The Flag Animal Farm!

What to wear?

Jeans, a comfy top and some sneakers is perfect! (Not your favourite ones, because there’s chickin**** everywhere!)

*Remember sunscreen for you and the kids!

I’m wearing: Oversized top from ZARA, mid-rise jeans from Forever New

and gold platform sneakers from Woolworths.

Minki’s wearing: Long-sleeve dress from Naartjie, tights and boots from Woolworths and her pom-pom hat is from Cotton On.

What to eat:

There’s a restaurant on the farm that serves waffles, brownies and toasted sandwiches. Do not expect anything fancy!

You’re allowed to bring your own picnic lunch!

My suggestion? Enjoy the lovely farm, cuddle all the cute animals and then head out to a beach bar like The Galley in Ballito for your long overdue Mom-osa.

Wanna go? Here’s what you need to know:

Where is it?

Kwazulu Natal, just outside Ballito.
From Durban
N2 North
Take 2nd off-ramp after Ballito which is exit 214 and follow the signs


GPS Coordinates: S 29°.26.981 – E. 031°.14.557


Entry Fee: R44 (kids from 18 months’ pay the same)

Give these animals some love! Follow them on Facebook @Flag Animal Farm

Visit their website:
Click here

Stay Stylish

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