“Did you know that even though foxes hunt solo, they find a mate and are with each other for life?”

Today the red fox and more than one million other species are threatened with extinction and you can protect the planet for future generations, one cup at a time.

The Wild Love Cups & World Wildlife Day

Munchkin has teamed up with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and The Whale Sanctuary Project bringing you The Wild Love Cups to celebrate World Wildlife Day on 3 March.

“Protecting animals and supporting the welfare of the planet are core beliefs of Munchkin. Our partnerships with IFAW and The Whale Sanctuary Project deepen our commitment to a sustainable future for our children while encouraging empathy and compassion,” said Steven Dunn, Munchkin CEO and Founder.

Protecting the Planet for Future Generations, One Cup at a Time

The Wild Love cups highlight the conservation challenges that critical animal species face, including:

  • The polar bear: The Munchkin Polar Bear cup raises awareness of the threats to polar bears including shrinking sea ice caused by catastrophic climate change.
  • The red fox: The Munchkin Red Fox cup aims to end the cruel practice of fox fur farming by encouraging awareness among families and avoidance of purchasing any fur or fur-trimmed products.
  • The orca: The Munchkin Orca cup supports the end of orca captivity for human entertainment and brings awareness to the thousands of whales killed each year due to entanglement in fishing nets.

Munchkin’s Wild Love Miracle® Cups include child-friendly stories and key facts about at-risk animals, including the polar bear, the red fox and the orca, to help raise awareness about the issues impacting these species, their habitats, and the conservation challenges they face.


Hi, I’m A Red Fox


Minki was curious about the red fox on her cup and I immediately had to read the story (printed on the special packaging that is made of 100% recycled and recyclable material).

“I can live in forests, grasslands, mountains deserts or even cities. But good luck spotting me because I usually play at night! If you have seen me, you know I have very soft, beautiful fur which keeps me warm! I’m also very intelligent, fast and have amazing hearing to help me protect myself from predators and find food. I’m not a picky eater and love to eat mice, berries, worms and even spiders! Even though foxes hunt solo, we find a mate and are with each other for life. When we have baby “kits” we raise them in dens together and live as a happy family until our kits are old enough to live on their own.

Ain’t that sweet and I bet you did not know this?

 Josh enjoyed smashing his cup into the ground, but I had to read the story and key facts about the orca whale on Josh’s cup to Minki, who was patiently telling her little brother that he is actually suppose to drink from the cup, not smash it into the ground.

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I love how these cups teach her empathy, respect and to care for the planet!

Hi, I’m An Orca Whale

 “I eat everything from fish to seals, walruses and sharks. I can eat up to 500 pounds of food a day.”

Minki greeted her dad with the words:

 “Daddy, did you know that the orca whale eats more than little Josh?”

Well, at least she learned something!

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