Have you heard of Zimpli Kids bath products? They got in touch with me last year introducing their new bath products #GelliBaff and #SlimeBaff.

Minki loves bath time and spend a lot of time in there and that’s why I love finding new and exciting bath products to make bath time even more fun for her.

Minki and her nephew couldn’t wait to try out the #GelliBaff so I turned their splash pool into a goo-pool.

If you think this is hard work, think again. It’s as easy as Sprinkle, Play, Dissolve.

Just sprinkle the #GelliBaff into the water, stir it a few times, add some more powder (depending on how thick you want the goo) and then it’s playtime!

GelliBaff turns your bath water into Goo!

Thick and slimey goo in just a few minutes…

Head over to my insta stories to see how much fun they had in the goo-bath!

Nobody wants to block their drain with goo and slime but don’t worry. What makes this product so great is that when your goo-monsters are ready to get out you simply sprinkle the dissolving powder and the goo turns back to liquid.

  • It’s 100% safe and 100% degradable!
  • It’s non-irritant and stain free.

Minki loved the GelliBaff glitter…next up #GelliSlime!

Time To Shop Zimpli Kids Bath Products

Gellibaff and Gellislime retail for between R60-R70 a box.

Find Zimpli Kids At

Toys R Us, Toy Kingdom and Takealot

Final Thoughts

GelliBaff is a quick and easy way to make bath time or playtime more fun. Minki loved the goo and I loved the fact that it’s great for sensory development. The “mess” literally dissolves which leaves me (and Minki) wanting more of this amazing product.


Helene, Minki & Joshua

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