What’s a little mommy do if her baby brother is not playing along?

Get a Baby Alive Happy Hungry Baby!

Minki was thrilled to receive her own Baby Alive Happy Hungry Baby from #Hasbro toys! She had so much fun reviewing this life like doll.

Minki decided to call her baby Bambi and Bambi loves to eat! She opens wide when you feed her with her special spoon and she even says thank you. She pees and poops so watch out! When Minki cautiously opened her diaper, she was disgusted.

“Uh-oh time for a diaper change!

She comes with fun feeding and changing accessories. A Bib (because Bambi is apparently a messy eater), a special spoon, feeding tray and 2 packets of her favourite food. 

She Eats

She Poops

Messy & Joyful

Final Thoughts

With loads of dolls to choose from we can honestly say that the #BabyAlive Happy Hungry Baby is one of the best!

The Baby Alive Happy Hungry Baby comes with everything you need to feed and change her (we love the bib), but you’ll have to stock up on more food and diapers (she only comes with 2 of each)!

Minki also needed some help to mix Bambi’s food!

The best part was when Minki cautiously opened the diaper and uh-oh there it was – POO! She was grossed out, but just like a real mom she changed the diaper (and even borrowed some wet wipes from her little brother).

Minki was not really in the mood to comb her hair (although there’s a comb included in the set).

This doll will have your toddler engaged for some time, especially with her talking skills!

It’s definitely for 3+ age group as it’s all about interacting with the doll and taking care of her – just like a real baby! What I love most about the doll is the fact that Minki develops responsibility and nurturing traits.

The Benefits Of Doll Play

Caring and nurturing skills

“In carrying, holding, feeding, and rocking baby dolls, children are practicing being loving to others.”

Cognitive skills

Narrating what she’s doing with her doll is a great way for kiddo to practice and reinforce language skills.

Fine motor skills and self help skills

Dressing and undressing a doll is a great way for kiddo to learn how her own clothing works and practice using zippers and buttons. 

Adjusting to a new sibling

We are side by side changing diapers and caring for our precious babies!


I would recommend this toy to all the little mommies out there!

The Baby Alive Happy Hungry Baby is available at Checkers, Toy Kingdom, Toys R Us and Takealot.

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Helene, Minki & Joshua

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